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10 Commentaires

  • Wan Teng

    Miraculous is very very fun to watch I really loved it! keep it touched! and my fav character is marinette and Alya :) i don't really like adrien because i hate all boy and I'm sorry to not like adrien so yeah but i shp adrien and marinette they look so cute together and also nino and alya Keeeep onnn goingggg miraculous! love you!!! :)

  • Sasageyo

    c trop bien

  • Adrienette

    "I called him hot stuff" BRO THAT WAS SO FUNNY LMAO

  • Aureja


  • Samie <3

    Have you noticed 2 mistakes? well at 13:44 as you can see Ladybug's yoyo's color was kind of antibug's? and also at the ending scene at school, have you noticed Juleka's Shirt or Dress I think.. well uhh It's white...

  • Jamel Barksdale

    Miraculous is the BEST. SUPERHERO. SHOW. EVER!

  • niki adamson

    ahh chat

  • niki

    it was amazing

  • Sasageyo

    c trop bien