Gabriel Agreste

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  • Chethhan


  • Raia Zoleta


  • Ladynoir


  • Malu

    Me encanto el episodio! muchas gracias

  • Simone

    Me encanta

  • Lucy

    I was expecting that gabrial will find out that Felix knows ya know

  • Periodico

    Bro I love to watch miraculous



  • Zoey

    This. Episode. Killed. Me

  • xingyun canon

    princess adrien supremacy

  • izi

    ok, but how did felix actually find out that gabriel is shadow moth? i'm really confused.

  • sam

    love this

  • san

    i sm freaking out

  • shut up marisue.


  • Speedbolt

    Finally I'm catching up with the series

  • maria de los angeles

    que bonito

  • Isla

    reply to Garrett: Lilix or Fella

  • Garrett

    I ship Lila and Felix

  • Mily


  • Nya-Lily

    I love this siiiiite

  • Serigne fallout mbacke sane

    Très bon épisode

  • Adriana Sofia Mendoza Liendo

    me en cantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Francocanalestorres

    Me gusta mucho miraculous ladybug Espero que les guste a ustedes también la verdad con todo

  • Preston

    So felix is a sentimonster

  • Princess Adrien Fan

    WHY isn't anyone talking about how cool and cute Adrien looked in the princess dress? :D Adrien looked so awesome wearing a dress heck yeah!

  • Sarita w

    Me gusto mucho el episodio pero no me gusto que pongan anuncios de mujeres en bola :(

  • Raghd El Hallak

    Yay thank you for posting in English this really helps 😊

  • todrokis sis

    omg this episode was sooooooo good

  • July

    I love this show so muchh

  • may


  • lmaoing

    Felix is hotter than Adrien, prove me wrong if you can.

  • mdrepps

    nose si decir que felix es malo o que es el menos ciego

  • deahh

    pero felixxx !!!

  • Lily

    Felix is a genius

  • jayla


  • Snen


  • ariana

    what if felix falls in love with mari and adrien gets jealous? that'd be a great plotline

  • Sara Sofía Gutiérrez Ospina

    Me encanta esta serie

  • Sami


  • Lucy Ely

    I can't tell if Felix is a bad guy or not. He is very smart finding out who Shadow Moth is after only the second time he comes in contact with him!

  • akuma

    felix is THE smartest character in the entire show, aside from the superheroes. I WISH WE SAW MORE OF HIM :(

  • sentigabriel

    Honestly I think Gabriel as the best disguise guys I love anyone and the series because I did not know he was Shadowmoth until they revealed it and when he's Shadowmoth he has a totally different voice then when he's Gabriel unlike ladybug and Cat Noir they are still my fav characters tho🤗

  • idk.

    Did you know that if two twins give birth to children that those children will be siblings😲😱🤯

  • ok i pull up

    this episode reminds me of my friend clara i think about her all the time

  • Y/N Barnes

    OMG marinette in a suit was so cute like nobody would be cute in a suit

  • Inae


  • Elyka

    It was so good I luv it so much

  • angie

    if andrien can get sus of that mari in disgase even the slightest, no he didn't figure it out, but how can he not sus her a bit for being lady bug

  • Chidi

    This Felix guy is my new favourite character. Also why the heck are they giving everyone else better character development than the two main characters?

  • Jeremy

    This episode like awesome 😎

  • prince_rashka

    damn felix is badass

  • Malak

    Wow i have no words

  • valentina


  • Vale:¬


  • Ahmed


  • Laura Perez

    Nah cause felix is so smart bro

  • milky daddy

    omg! this episode is sooooooo goood

  • L

    I can not explain how much I want Felix to catch feelings for Mari and then watch Adrien/Chat get super jealous :)

  • saed zurikat

    So Adrien sentimonster theory is true..

  • Victoria

    If only she knew she shouldn't have gaven the sentimonster the Magical Charm.

  • andreas


  • Martin Boadu-kyere

    How is Chloé still calling Adrien Adrikins when she broke up with him.

  • Syed Amjad Masood


  • Ella

    I have a theory, Felix is the next holder of the Peacock miraculous. Did you see how Gabriel picked up the Peacock miraculous pointedly. It had imply that indeed Felix was going to side with Gabriel until Nathalie was better.

  • iccie

    honestly i have a theory - that emilie and gabriel couldn't have a child for so long that they ended up making adrien with the help of the miraculous and they made him exactly like Felix (since emilie have a twin sister, their children would look alike) and their rings are the item that controls adrien like the other sentimonsters (seen in the ephemeral episode where there were these very sus scenes with the ring and wishmaker where he said that he wanted to be what his parents wanted him to be). and since emilie is in coma, maybe they can't use the full power on the sentimonster and to control adrien to that extent. also maybe after emilie used the peacock miraculous for such a big project, she became sick and after years she died.

  • leen Bader

    Nice !

  • Jaiden

    Felix is too damn smart, he needs to be stopped. Or he just needs to show up more cause uh- he's becoming my favorite

  • TB!

    bruh i think felix will NOT be the next hawk moth cuz remember in the first appearance of felix in season 3 he wasnt much of a good guy but at the end he became good and in this episode he was against hawk moth (also i just realized i was saying hawk moth and not shadow moth) but i do think shadow will want to make felix the next shadow moth because after showing the thumbnail gabriel put the peacock and the butterfly miraculous in some closet and said "A little suprise will be waiting for you when you return, my dear Nephew"

  • Alexa

    Love it❤️

  • 𝗈𝗵𝗈𝗈

    user taotie is a genius, it's true that in timetagger there's a different hawk moth and I'm rooting for Felix

  • Ffun

    Loveee i

  • Ffun

    Loveee it

  • lisa

    omg felix is so smart!! how did he figure it out like immediately like damn hes cool

  • fancyy

    i love it i love felix so much

  • adrinette

    have you guys realized that the song when adrian transformed to cat noir has changed? and it becomes better than before!

  • K

    OMG, so is Felix going to be the new hawk moth next time he visits, like he literally found out Gabriel is hawkmoth after one day and Adrien doesn’t even know after living with hawk moth for years…the next season is gonna be so good

  • Amelia

    Girl watch the WHOLE THING first otherwhise u won't understand a thing elizabeth m

  • heather

    wow so its is cool on how he ACTUALLY BELEIVED gabrel HAHA

  • the cat's bugaboo

    ayyy Felix es tan smart

  • Annie

    It was a little repetitive with the way they deakumatized Gabriel... I love Felix now, he's much smarter than Adrien, sadly. Marinette was being a creep as always. Marc and Nath know about love, eh? Hawkmoth is being dumber by the second, and this one just filed the Sentiadrien theory more, like frick??? I wish there was more focus to Chat Noir, I mean Marinette/Ladybyg stop your nonsense! Also I hate you Thomas Astruc for doing Chloe dirty...

  • bella

    it wasnt that exiting

  • FluffyPuff7797

    Mu buen capítulo

  • Elizabeth M

    Do you guys think that maybe Felix and Adrien are twins? I mean come on it's a possibility.

  • taotie

    I think Felix will be the next holder of the miraculous that Gabriel possesses. Y'all remember in season 3 timetagger ep 21 (17:07) where the akumatized Chris said that Gabriel isn't the hawkmoth of the future? "But I never said the Hawkmoth of the future was you" -Chris to Hawkmoth(Gabriel). UMM, JUST MY OPINION PEEPS..peace out! +++Felix is really cool!!

  • Ash

    oml I think Felix will be the new villain/Hawkmoth/whatever

  • Jennifer

    I love u Felix even if you are a SENTIMONSTER❤️😋🤤

  • Daniaa Majid

    No one Gabriel rn 👁 👄 👁 I hate you felix

  • Janet

    whatch out gabriel youve been out smated by our own nefhew felix

  • Spoopy

    Felix is so smart af i'm simping

  • Diana

    OMG. FELIX IS A SENTIMONSTOR!!!! I think gabrail will give Felix one of the miraculouss

  • ok

    ok i like that felix is back, and with a more important role now but how did he literally find out that shadowmoth is gabriel??? how did he tear through the clothing with a button? why did Chat noir literally have no emotions over the fact that his "dad" got akumatized? he literally stood there :|. and Marionettes disguise is dumb

  • Tayyub

    I think Felix a sentimonster bc Gabriel was threatening to click his fingers

  • felix mi hombre

    felix pase lo que pase no caigas en las mentiras de gabriel /cry

  • ridiculousutterlyridiculous

    Felix was so fkn smart with the pants thing. Also, this episode just feeds more into the Adrien sentimonster theory. I know the writers wouldn't go down that route but it would still be an epic shocker if it were true.

  • mia


  • Yaisel


  • papercup

    my man felix should take a miraculous and beat gabriel

  • Mia

    Reply To: Miraculous Blog // Felix watched a video of how all the miraculouses look alike and than when i came in he saw Gabriel wearing the peacock miraculous knowing he is hawkmoth.

  • Salma

    OMG Felix was so clever to cut his trousers and now he definitely knows that Gabriel is shadowmoth and from what I see I think he's going to give one of the Miraculouses to Felix OMFG AHHH THIS IS CRAAZZZYYY

  • Lea Köhler

    Super cool

  • Pers0n

    cool episode! thanks for uploading :)

  • Hayako


  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh!!!!!

  • Miraculous Blog

    The ep. was amazing.But how Felix know about Gabriel??

  • Menace

    Best website!!

  • ROar

    This is sooooo good!!